Rep. Anthony Weiner Takes On Sean Hannity And Rep. Michele Bachmann

On his show tonight, Fox News’ Sean Hannity brought on Republican Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner to discuss the federal budget. And, boy, did things get heated.

“We don’t have a revenue problem! You guys spend too much of our money. Stop spending it recklessly!” was Hannity’s cry to Weiner, who shot back that one of the ways Congress is spending the people’s money is by giving it to “millionaires and billionaires.” Weiner then went on the offensive, suggesting that, if those who believe in tax cuts for the wealthy get their way, there are always other places to find money – like cutting defense spending or using “Michele Bachmanna’s idea” of cutting benefits for veterans.

As the arguing escalated, Hannity told Weiner, “I know you’re a Democrat. And I know you’re a bitter partisan.” Weiner seemed amused, replying, “No, I’m just a partisan.”

“You’re a partisan hack! Stop it!” retorted Hannity. “Don’t call me names, Sean!” Weiner responded. “It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. You’re going to call me names?”

Later on in the segment, Weiner said it was “ironic” that Bachmann called him out on not knowing fact from fiction. Yee-OUCH! Everyone gets a turn on the swing set, kiddos.

Watch the segment, via Fox News:

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