Rep. Bachmann to Fox News: Obama Got ‘100 Percent of What He Wanted’

Earlier in the evening, before the House voted to end the shutdown, Rachel Maddow said Republicans got absolutely none of what they wanted from this fight. After the House vote, Michele Bachmann reacted by telling Sean Hannity that President Obama basically got “100 percent of what he wanted” from the beginning.

Bachmann said that Obama “rolled the dice” and banked on Republicans “willing to be the adults in the room.” She voted no on the House bill, and even though it overwhelmingly passed, she declared, “We aren’t waving the white flag of surrender on Obamacare, we aren’t taking our marbles and going home.”

Hannity then challenged Democrat Henry Cuellar on whether Bachmann’s right that there’s still a good opportunity for Republicans to run on the failures of Obamacare. Cuellar admitted he’s willing to see some changes in the health care law, but Hannity kept grilling him on how Obamacare is costing more than the administration claimed and is “nothing like what the president promised.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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