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Rep. Bachmann To O’Reilly On Her Gaffes: Last Time I Use ‘Obama’s Teleprompter’

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared with Bill O’Reilly and although she didn’t confirm she was running for President, she did seem to assure O’Reilly that she could be a credible candidate. After Bachmann described her credentials, O’Reilly was convinced she was a “problem-solver,” but still wasn’t too pleased at Bachmann’s refusal to give him a “no-spin” answer about how she confused New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Bachmann previewed what certainly sounded like the beginning of her campaign speech, suggesting that American voters would want someone like her:

“A practical, principled reform-minded individual who will stand strong in some really tough fights. Even if it means only serving as a one-term President. We need someone who is going to stand strong for the folks back home.”

Although O’Reilly wasn’t sure if she has the “frame of reference” to deal with all the complex issues in the world day and worried Obama had trouble because he just didn’t have the experience. Bachmann attempted to suggest to O’Reilly that after serving on the House Intelligence Committee and having 55 years worth of life experience, she certainly would be ready.

Bachmann seemed to be firing on all cylinders until O’Reilly brought up the New Hampshire and Massachusetts mix-up, asking “what happened there?” At first she joked, “I promised I would never again use President Obama’s teleprompter and I intend to keep that promise.” O’Reilly persisted by asking the question again. Bachmann attempted to change the topic again, suggesting she is used to a vicious press. Finally, when O’Reilly realized he wasn’t getting an answer about what really happened, he offered up his own theory saying “somebody wrote that, you probably didn’t read over your stuff, and that’s how it came out, correct?” Bachmann declined an opportunity to call O’Reilly a “pinhead” if that was wrong.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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