Rep. Brooks Clashes With CNN’s Berman: ‘Don’t Make Up Stuff and Try to Mislead the Public’


Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) clashed with CNN’s John Berman during a lengthy interview Friday morning over the president’s demand for a border wall and threat to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress and fund it.

Berman kicked off the interview by confronting Brooks with his 2015 comments bashing then-president Obama for using executive authority to buck Congress.

“Why does it appear you have one set of rules for President Obama, and another for President Trump?” Berman asked.

Brooks responded with a testy ad hominem: “Well John, once again you guys at CNN are misleading the public.”

The Alabama Republican argued the circumstances are different, stating there is a “national emergency of major proportions” at the border.

“So if you want to talk apples and apples, let’s do it, but don’t make up stuff and try to mislead the public,” Brooks added.

“What’s the emergency?” Berman pressed.

Brooks citing the numbers of homicides committed by illegal immigrants, as well as drug overdoses and the quantity of illegal drugs entering the United States from Mexico.

“How many dead people do you need to have John before you consider it an emergency!?” Brooks exclaimed.

Berman pointed out that the “vast majority” of heroin enters the country through ports of entry, and cited a libertarian think tank Cato Institute study that found illegal immigrants commit less crime than citizens.

Brooks dismissed that study as “political propaganda” and “false.”

The pair continued to clash over the crime rates of illegal immigrants, Trump’s demand for a border wall, emergency powers and the continued government shutdown.

Watch above, via CNN.

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