Rep. Charlie Rangel Dances His Worries Away At 80th Birthday Party

Long-winded, legally embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel has had one of the toughest years of his life in 2010, but there’s no doubt he started his 81st year off right (after he took care of all those minor corruption issues that kept bumping his schedule back). Reports from guests at his birthday bash already testified to its awesomeness, but nothing quite says it like a video of Rep. Rangel himself dancing to the tune of an energetic live jazz band.

Yes, that is Rep. Rangel, groovin’ to the beat, living life like there’s no tomorrow. Jim Newell at Gawker (which we h/t for the video) can already see the Republican attack ad in his mind, but while this would be true during any other period in American history, it’s quite possible a hilarious video of Rangel swinging his arms around excitedly may be his only hope at being likable enough to keep around. Hey, that’s what Rod Blagojevich is banking on, right?

Watch the video below:

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