Rep. Cohen Responds to SNL Mocking His ‘Cold’ Chicken Stunt: We Got It ‘The Night Before’

Rep. Steve Cohen has answered the not-so-pressing question of how he managed to get a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken during breakfast hours for use in his much talked about — and mocked — stunt.

On the day Attorney General William Barr was originally scheduled to testify in front of the House Committee, Cohen brought the bucket of chicken to the House Judiciary Committee hearing and noshed on it to mock the fact Barr was a no-show.

In case his point was not obvious enough, Cohen also brought in a chicken tsotchke which he put in front of him.

His point, in case it is not painfully obvious, is that Barr is a chicken.

His prop comedy/political statement sparked some criticism and jokes, including two mentions on Saturday Night Live.

The first SNL mention came at the start of the cold open. The second came when Weekend Update’s Colin Jost suggested Cohen sent an intern out in the wee hours of the morning to find KFC.

Cohen, though, said that was not the case and set the record straight on MSNBC.

“One of my staffers went out the night before and got some KFC,” he told MSNBC’s Alex Witt. “Another staffer brought in the porcelain ceramic chicken.”

He added the chicken which he actually decided to eat was not only a day out but “cold and not wonderful.”

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