Rep. Connie Mack On President Obama: The Words Of The Constitution ‘Don’t Matter To Him’

Connie Mack On Obama: The Words Of The Constitution 'Don't Matter To Him'

Rep. Connie Mack (R – Fla.) was a guest on Starting Point Friday morning — live from CPAC — and took the occasion to rip into President Obama for his health care mandate, saying that the President doesn’t respect the Constitution and that personal freedoms and liberties don’t matter to him.

Host Soledad O’Brien played a series of clips of conservatives talking out against the birth control mandate before turning to Mack.

“I think this is a huge issue,” Mack said, “that continues to show that this administration doesn’t believe that the Constitution and personal freedoms and liberties matter.”

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Mack added that the birth control mandate “shows an arrogance,” and used President Obama’s background as as a lawyer to imply that he could cleverly work around the Constitution.

“Whatever the words of the Constitution are don’t matter to him,” Mack said. “He will interpret it in a different way, and think that is what has created this frustration.”

“You know there are Democrats all over the country right now who are throwing things at the television,” O’Brien said.

“Look, if you look at his own record, he has done everything to move against the Constitution,” Mack replied.

Watch a clip of the exchange below — with a healthy dose of Andrew Breitbart looking on — courtesy of CNN:

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