Rep. Eliot Engel To Lawrence O’Donnell: Obama Can Win Back Democrats With Renewed ‘Feistiness’

Wednesday evening’s The Last Word kicked off with host Lawrence O’Donnell demonstrating that he is, as a colleague of mine rather delightfully described it, quite “Obamaworried” following New Yorkers’ decision to basically hand Anthony Weiner‘s former district to Republican Bob Turner as a neatly wrapped little “[REDACTED] you” to Barack Obama.

O’Donnell addressed some people’s explanation that Democratic candidate — David Weprin — was “weak” by pointing out that previous, “weak” Democrats like Charlie Rangel fared just fine in past, “normal” times. O’Donnell also made sure to mention the fact that Turner has ties to The Jerry Springer Show, lest his district experience a sudden whirlwind of chairs flying towards the heads of transgendered lesbian prostitute twins.

He brought on Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel, also a Democrat, to discuss things further. As sees it, Obama will do well to try and win back disillusioned Democrats by being “feisty,” like Harry Truman circa 1948.

There are a lot of Democrats who say to me to tell the President to be more feisty, to take it to the Republicans, to stop backing down, to stand for something. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction with that.

There are some people who questions the President’s policy on Israel and were dissatisfied with the policies and I think that came into play.

But, perhaps, his feistiness is returning!

Take a look at the video, courtesy of MSNBC:

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