Rep. Explains Why He Wants To Ban Mini Horses From Restaurants: You Can’t ‘Potty Train A Horse’

On Thursday, interim Daily Rundown host Luke Russert spoke with U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz about a number of topics, the most important among them being an amendment he introduced barring miniature horses from restaurants.

“A Justice Department ruling allows trained pint-size mares to accompany owners as an alternative to dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Russert explained. “And to prove why we are the greatest news network in the world, we actually found video of a miniature horse helping a disabled person. Why are you against horses in restaurants if a disabled person would like to have a horse be their guiding companion?”

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“What I object to,” said Chaffetz, “is the Department of Justice forcing businesses and restaurants…. think about airplanes. Look, even the Miniature Horse Association — and I know, Luke, you subscribe to their monthly magazine — even they have come out and said, look, you can’t potty train, for instance, a horse to the same degree you can a canine. And so it just seems like the federal government, the Department of Justice, is going overboard in issuing a rule. Sure enough, they issued a rule, March 14th, and within a week, restaurants being sued in California for not allowing horses into their restaurant. It just seems absurd, just over the top.”

May this story never, ever go away. May it dominate the summer news cycle entirely.

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