Rep. Issa Rips Obama Over IRS Scandal: ‘How Dare The Admin Imply’ They’ll ‘Get To The Bottom Of It’

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) made an appearance on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, during which he responded to President Obama‘s recent remarks about Benghazi as well as the IRS scandal that’s dominated much of the news cycle in the past few days. Issa was critical on all fronts, questioning how the administration dared to say they’ll get to the bottom of the IRS case — when those targeted were the president’s “enemies.”

About Benghazi, Issa took issue with Obama deeming the issue of edited talking points a “sideshow.” The changes made, he asserted, took the CIA report “from true to a lie to the American people.” It’s all based on facts, he added, not Republicans’ fabrications.

From there, the hosts moved on to the IRS admitting to targeting politically conservative groups. “How dare the administration imply that they’re going to get to the bottom of it,” Issa charged. “This was targeting of the president’s political enemies, effectively, and lies about it during the election year so that it wasn’t discovered until afterwards. … This process was deliberate, and it was repeated.”

The investigation needs to be transparent, he added — further noting that Congress may need to take a look at whether a president’s nominee to head a “semi-independent agency” may not “be the right organizational guarantees to tell the American people that they won’t be targeted whether they are on the left or the right.”

Take a look, via CBS:

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