Rep. Jackie Speier: I Believe Don Jr. Lied to Congress on ‘At Least Two Occasions’


Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) of the House Intelligence Committee told CNN today that she believes Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress on “at least two occasions.”

“Do you think Donald Trump Jr. lied to your committee?” Anchor Brianna Keilar asked the lawmaker, to-which she replied, “I believe he did.”

“I don’t really want to go into it at this point, but I think there is at least two occasions when he lied to the committee,” Spier added.

After Keilar asked if she came to this conclusion “after learning what Michael Cohen said he was dishonest about,” Spier said that was one factor, while another was “related to documents we never were able to subpoena because the Republicans were really the puppets of the president in terms of trying to protect him and not being the independent investigative authority that we should have been looking at the issue.

When discussing CNN’s new report on Robert Mueller’s team interviewing White House chief of staff John Kelly over the summer, Spier vouched for the special counsel and attacked President Donald Trump’s opposition to the probe.

“Mueller has been very systematic in building blocks that sit on top of each other to make a very strong foundation for whatever case he is trying to make, so it doesn’t surprise me that he talked to General Kelly,” she said. “It doesn’t surprise me that the president wanted to fire Mueller. He does not believe in following the law. He never has. As we start to unwind his commercial dealings, his business dealings before he was president, we’re gonna find out he violated one law after the other.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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