Rep. Joe Walsh Tells Eliot Spitzer That President Obama Acted ‘Like A Ten-Year-Old’

Illinois’ Representative Joe Walsh sat down with In The Arena host Eliot Spitzer to discuss Barack Obama and, well. Let’s just say Walsh doesn’t need any help expressing himself.

Look, I’ve been pretty blunt in what I think of this President. I think he’s in over his head, I think he’s in denial and yesterday he acted like a ten-year-old. Now, none of that bothers me because I don’t think he’s really even part of this debate. This President a few months ago started running for re-election. He hasn’t been serious about any of the serious fiscal issues our country is facing.

I don’t take him very seriously.

Spitzer’s reaction immediately after Walsh uttered the words “ten-year-old” is nothing short of priceless. Walsh continued, adding that “we voted for this guy because of who he was,” not because on his resume or anything he’d accomplished. Walsh also laid blame on the media for “protecting” Obama.

Watch the segment for yourself, courtesy of CNN:

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