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Rep. John Lewis Heralds Changing Electorate: ‘Minority Will Become Majority’

Upon the anniversary of the March on Washington, John Lewis spoke to Meet the Press’ David Gregory about the legacy of the civil rights movement Sunday morning, encouraging America to embrace, not fear, the shifting demographics of the electorate that would put minorities in a place of political power.

“I think some forces want to create this sense of fear,” Lewis said. “They think that the country is moving too fast, or maybe becoming too progressive. The country’s not the same country. People are coming together. And in a short time, the minority will be the majority.”

Lewis is the sole surviving speaker of the 1963 march, and a longtime Democratic representative from Georgia.

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“Is there backlash that comes with that?” Gregory asked.

“As Americans, we must be prepared to make that adjustment,” Lewis said. “Be courageous. Embrace the change.”

Watch the full clip here, via NBC News:

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