Rep. King: Brian Williams Should Have ‘Gone After’ Snowden

Following an interview with NSA leaker Edward Snowden by NBC News’ Brian Williams, Representative Peter King (R-NY) lamented on Morning Joe Thursday morning that Williams had not pressed Snowden for evidence that the National Security Agency had exceeded its legal boundaries in its surveillance operations.

“He did not give one example to justify what he did,” King said. “He did not show how one American had his rights violated, how in any way the NSA listened to anyone’s conversation that was not approved by a court order, how they read anyone’s e-mail. None of that. He was talking about all the things they could do, which any intelligence agency in the world could do. The difference is the United States is monitored by the courts, Congress, and the Justice Department.”

“I think this guy is a fraud,” King said. “And I really wish that Brian Williams had gone after him and asked him to give one piece of evidence that shows the NSA has violated the law in any way.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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