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Rep. Max Rose Erupts on ‘Un-American’ Rep. Massie For Holding Up Stimulus: ‘There Will Be Blood on His Hands’

Congressman Max Rose (NY-D) ripped into Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) over his threats to delay the coronavirus aid package bill on the house floor Friday.

In an interview on America’s Newsroom Friday, Rose billed Massie’s opposition to the package “inhumane,” and called the congressman “un-American.”

“Let me take a moment and talk about Thomas Massie because I don’t take his actions or his threats so lightly,” Rose said. “Every single day constituents of mine, residents of my district Staten Island and South Brooklyn, are dying. We see New York City, New York State, the epicenter of this crisis, and that crisis will move on to other places in America.”

Rose went on to say, “We have never seen a threat like this. So, Thomas Massie, this is disgusting. This is inhumane. You aren’t a libertarian, you’re un-American. If we push this back 24 hours there will be blood on Thomas Massie’s hands, anyone else who steps in the way of this, blood on their hands. We’ve got to get the money out into hospitals pockets; PPE for our first responders, action is needed.”

Fox News anchor Ed Henry stated that Massie — who opposes the bill on the grounds of it massively adding to the national debt — would be given a chance to respond to Rose’s fiery remarks.

“OK. I understand your frustration, New York City is particularly hard hit, but I think questioning his patriotism, calling him un-American is something that I’m sure Thomas Massie will have a chance to respond to,” Henry stated.

Rose fired back, “Good!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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