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Rep. Michele Bachmann Defends Herself On MSNBC: ‘I Am A Person Of Substance’

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann already tried to convince Bill O’Reilly that she is a “problem-solver” and now on MSNBC she found herself needing to prove she was a person of substance with credibility. Savannah Guthrie played a series of Bachmann’s statements that were rated as “false” by Politifact and when Bachmann avoided addressing them, the interview got a little tense.

Guthrie asked Bachmann, “if you want to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, do you feel the need to be more precise in your statements so that people recognize you are a person of substance?” Bachmann responded “I am a person of substance” and listed a series of impressive credentials. Then Bachmann tried to switch the conversation to President Obama’s credibility gap, yet Guthrie persisted and asked about her “inaccurate statements.” Bachmann defended herself from the criticism, arguing “people know that I do have credibility on the big issues” and that she is a political outsider who has fought against big government.

Chuck Todd also unsuccessfully tried several times to pin Bachmann down on her potential presidential plans. Although both Todd and Guthrie seemed slightly frustrated, they did end the interview on a pleasant note, wishing Bachmann a happy birthday.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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