Rep. Bachmann In Iowa: ‘We Will Never Be Ashamed Of Being Social Conservatives’

Rep. Michele Bachmann is very, very proud to be Iowan. Her roots in the state made up the skeleton of her speech to the crowd at the Ames Straw Poll today, telling the story of her family, praising Iowans for the great agriculture of the state, and being unrepentant abotu social issues and the role of God in the creation of America.

“It is in Iowa that we see greatness start again,” she told an appreciative crowd, citing her family’s history in the state and telling them that, growing up, she was taught to appreciate the state. “Everything I needed to know in life, I learned in Iowa,” she declared. She also said she had seen “a marvelous appreciation for marriage, between one man and one woman,” supporting social issues strongly and making them the core of her policy talk. “It’s absolutely essential that we maintain the family– we are social conservatives and we will never be ashamed of being social conservatives.” It also gave her an opportunity to fit in a policy point on the judiciary: “I will never appoint judges who legislate from the bench.”

She also talked about God and his role in creating America, stating, “religious liberty is the essence and the foothold of this nation” and that America “cannot think we did this ourselves.”

The full speech via C-SPAN below:

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