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Rep. Pence: Boehner Got A Good Deal But ‘Not Good Enough For Me To Support It’

Republican Congressman Mike Pence admires Speaker John Boehner‘s effort in trying to negotiate with the Democrats in Congress, however feels the compromise is not good enough to justify his vote. Pence led the charge to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and given that the deal did address his concerns about the potential for federal money to be used to fund abortions, he was not happy with the result.

Pence concluded about the budget deal:

“What I was saying repeatedly . . . was that house Republicans needed to pick a fight. And I think John Boehner fought a good fight. I think he drove a hard bargain here. . . . From what I know, it sounds like John Boehner got a good deal, probably not good enough for me to support it, but a good deal nonetheless.”

Pence was mostly disappointed with President Obama and the Democrats who considered a 2% cut to the budget to be way too much. Despite some considering this deal to be a Tea Party victory, Pence makes it clear that cuts will need to be much more substantial before he starts celebrating.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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