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Rep. Peter King Blasts Newt Gingrich: ‘He’s Too Erratic. He’s Too Self-Centered’

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) appeared as a guest on OutFront Tuesday night, and he took the occasion to destroy Newt Gingrich as a self-centered egomaniac who will cause more problems than he will solve if he’s elected President. King pulled no punches, saying that Gingrich, “does not have the capacity to control himself,” and charging him with an inability to stay focused.

King did praise Gingrich as “tremendously inspirational,” adding that he’s got admirable skill as a revolutionary. But that was all the good King had to share with Erin Burnett, as he piled on more scorn for the GOP front-runner:

“The country and the Congress would be going through one crisis after another, and these would be self inflicted crises. You know there is enough crises in the world, without inflicting crisis on ourselves. Or again, I keep saying ‘putting himself at the center’. The reason the Republicans lost the government shut down debate with President Clinton in 1995, is because Newt gave the impression it was all about being made to get off of Air Force One. I meant, that’s how he puts himself at the center of everything.”

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Enjoy video of King’s gleeful Newt-bashing below, courtesy of CNN:

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