Rep. Peter King Dismisses Claims He Is A Bigot As “Political Correct Nonsense”

Republican Representative Peter King, the soon-to-be Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, appeared on Fox News Channel with host Jamie Colby and discussed his plans to hold hearings on the “radicalization” of Muslim Americans. King explained his concern as a result of known attempts by Al-Qaeda to recruit Americans and his disappointment that many Muslim leaders resist cooperation with law enforcement. Colby confronted King with the fact that many in the Muslim community are not pleased with King’s latest efforts and asked King something she later apologized for: “they say you’re a bigot.”

King dismissed the bigot allegation as “political correct nonsense, but I’m willing to take that hit if I have to.” He also went on to state that homeland security is not a partisan issue and praised the Obama administration for “doing all they possibly can.” When Colby strangely asked King what his “gut” tells him about the safety of Americans this holiday season, thankfully and unsurprisingly King said “we’re going to make it through.”

Watch the clip from Fox News Channel below:

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