Rep. Peter King on CNN: Obama Should Strike Syria Even if Congress Votes No

Congressman Peter King said on CNN Monday that even if Congress votes no on Syria, President Obama should still take military action. He told Erin Burnett that Obama shouldn’t have gone to Congress to begin with, but now that he has, he shouldn’t have to consider himself beholden to that vote, since he has the authority to take action on his own.

King acknowledged that if Congress were voting on a resolution today, it would be “very difficult,” and deferring to the legislative body anyway just makes Obama look “weak.” These comments stand in stark contrast to other Republicans like Justin Amash who went so far as to thank the president for giving Congress the chance to take a vote.

Burnett asked King what Obama should do if Congress votes no. King said the president has the authority to act even if Congress votes no, though he did say any military campaign has to be more than just a day or two of missile strikes. He acknowledged the potential risk of arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels, but expressed his confidence at the United States’ ability to exert control over the situation.

Burnett asked King, “If there’s going to be a vote, why wait until next week?” King admitted if the vote is really that serious, Obama should have called Congress back already.

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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