Rep. Peter King: Small Group of GOP Senators ‘Holding The Entire Congress Hostage’

Republican congressman Peter King has been particularly critical of the “defund Obamacare” movement in his party, taking on Ted Cruz in particular as a “fraud” and suggesting he should “keep quiet.” On CNN Saturday, King did not let up, saying that the Senate Republicans trying to force this issue “are holding the entire Congress hostage.”

Fredricka Whitfield pointed out King, despite his protestations over defunding Obamacare, voted for the continuing resolution to fund the government and defund the health care bill. King explained he just did it “to keep the process going,” predicting the Senate will strip the Obamacare defunding from the bill, vote on it, pass it, and send it back to the House to vote on. He expressed confidence that the Senate would do the right thing, “even if some Republicans are not being responsible.”

King lamented, “This is not the way to run a government.” He said the Senate vote would show once and for all that Cruz was “being fraudulent all summer,” and expose the intentions of the defunding crowd.

“This is not the way it should have been done, it’s the situation that the House was put in, and I went along with it yesterday for the purpose of moving the process forward and, hopefully, exposing these small group of Republican senators who are holding the entire Congress hostage.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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