Rep. Peter King Tells Soledad O’Brien: Drone Attack And Terrorist Plot Are Linked

Appearing on CNN’s Starting Point Tuesday morning, NY Rep. Peter King told host Soledad O’Brien that yesterday’s foiled terrorist plot is tied to drone attacks.

“Yes,” said King, “I was told by the White House [the drone attack and terrorist plot] are connected, they’re part of the same operation, and that’s why I said this operation is still ongoing. And by the way, everything that [CNN National Security Contributor] Fran Townsend said as usual, makes a tremendous amount of sense. I’m not in a position to say all of the things that Fran does because of the restrictions that I have but if you listen to Fran Townsend you’re getting a pretty good idea of what happened.”

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Later, King explained the ongoing challenges in dealing with Al Qaeda:

Well, in many ways we’re safer than we were on 9/11. However, Al Qaeda and its affiliates can metathesis and morph. They find a new method, they are very able scientists, and doctors working for them. These are sophisticated people, they never stop. That’s why it’s wrong when people in the national arena somehow say the way on terrorism is over or Al Qaeda is defeated.

Have a look, courtesy of CNN’s Starting Point:

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