Rep. Rangel On Debt Ceiling: ‘Do The Right Thing’ And Follow What Jesus Would Do

Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel appeared with Judge Andrew Napolitano last night on Fox Business to explain some of his recent comments where he wondered “what would Jesus do” about the current debt crisis? Rangel explained that clergy of all faith should weigh in on the moral question, and predicted that all would say “do the right thing” and raise the debt ceiling.

The Judge wondered about Wrangel’s use of Jesus, “is this an honest inquiry or this a political ploy?” Yet Wrangel didn’t back down, insisting that “both sides have dug into positions that politically they can’t get out of by 2012.” Therefore, he thought it necessary for everyone to take a step back and realize what is “right.”

Wrangel’s apparent request for divine intervention was evidence to the Judge that things have become so partisan and possibly hopeless in Washington. And Wrangel responded, “there’s nothing wrong with praying.” The need for prayer was a point of agreement for Wrangel and the Judge. Yet whether it was moral for the present generation to borrow from future generations and kick the debt down the road, was something not even prayer seemed to be able to resolve between the two men. The Judge suggested such a lack of fiscal responsibility lacked morality, while Wrangel said “you bet your life” it’s moral to do whatever it takes now to pay off the debt we already incurred.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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