Rep. Tlaib Throws Shade at Dems Not Ready to Impeach: ‘Ten Million People Just Told Us: Do Something’


The millions of signatures delivered today by flash drive supporting a petition urging congress to immediately begin impeachment of President Donald Trump were compiled by MoveOn, but handed over by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Al Green. Tlaib was on CNN Thursday evening to talk about it.

Anchor Erin Burnett really wanted Tlaib to burn fellow Democrats not yet on board for immediate impeachment, but Tlaib was careful to only imply that they’re on the wrong side of history, rather than saying it in a quotable sound bite.

Burnett introduced the segment excitedly saying that, “on this drive, get this, ten million signatures demanding the House begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.” Burnett’s enthusiasm carried through the interview.

“Congresswoman, ten million signatures, that is a lot,” said Burnett. She brought up Pelosi talking about Trump “self-impeaching” and asked “Do you think she’s coming over to seeing it your way?”

“What I think is important is to recognize that 10 million people said that we need to hold this president accountable,” said Tlaib of the signatures in the online petition gathered by far left activist group MoveOn. “That speaks volumes.”

“Just alone, just think about it: Ten million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution. Ten million people want us to investigate this president and whether or not he has violated the United States Constitution and whether or not he’s acting above the law,” she continued. “And I think that is tremendous, you know, movement that is moving.”

She said the petition is people “saying to all of us as members of Congress, please, please do something. Take back our democracy. Get back our country.”

Burnett showed clips of Democrats, including 2020 hopeful Rep. Eric Swalwell, talking in less immediate terms about impeachment, and asked Tlaib, “are they dodging this?”

Tlaib said “no,” but answered about checks and balances and “holding the President accountable to the rule of law, not really discussing whether or not more reticent Democrats are dropping the ball, as Burnett was clearly suggesting.

Burnett said that “you’re new but you’ve introduced this impeachment resolution, you’ve taken a leadership role,” and then asked if more lawmakers are “talking to you about adding their names and actually putting their names on something that would be taking a stand as opposed to just words?”

Tlaib said that more and more lawmakers are “getting engaged by coalitions like Moveon” and characterized that as “hearing from the American public.”

“We just demand accountability, but we also want this to end. We want our democracy back,” said Tlaib.

Burnett then brought up that Rep. Jerry Nadler, who would be the person to bring such proceedings, has said it’s a constitutional crisis, but indicated doing so may not be the best answer, which Burnett’s demeanor made clear is outrageous on his part.

“Does that frustrate you?” she asked Tlaib.

Tlaib answered that she tries to do the right thing and not just do things based on “political strategy”, which the two were suggesting is what motivates Nadler — as opposed to him being motivated by doing the right thing.

“When I look back at this moment in our country, this remarkable moment in our country, I want to look back and say that I did something,” she said. “Right now, doing nothing is not an option, and ten million people just told us, do something.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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