Rep. Ron Paul To Republican Candidates: ‘Will You Condemn Ronald Reagan?’ (Seriously)

Rep. Ron Paul To GOP Candidates: 'Will You Condemn Ronald Reagan?' (Seriously)

Rep. Ron Paul is guaranteed to deliver an offbeat comment or drag in a topic no one else on the stage will during almost any Republican debate, but this time around, he knocked the wind out of the sails of his colleagues by taking a swipe at the most venerated figure in his party. Yes, Rep. Paul asked his colleagues to condemn President Ronald Reagan for exchanging arms for hostages in Iran during his tenure. Naturally, he mostly got crickets as a response.

The topic came up in relation to an answer by Rep. Michele Bachmann, where she argued that “for any candidate to say that they would release the prisoners in Guantánamo* in exchange for hostages.” This was a reference to comment by Herman Cain, who called his policy “an extension of the Reagan approach… peace through strength and clarity.” When the ball was tossed to Rep. Paul, he noted the incongruency there. “Are you all willing to condemn Ronald Reagan in exchanging weapons for hostages? We all know that happened.”

None of the candidates delivered a yes or no answer, but two did pipe up: Rick Santorum, arguing that Iran was a sovereign nation and not a terrorist group; and Newt Gingrich, who clarified that Reagan himself had called “the Iranian deal a ‘terrible mistake.'”

The awkward moment via CNN below:

*Apologies due to Rep. Bachmann for using a Spanish accent in a post about American politics.

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