Rep. Steve King: No Compromise On Repeal, “Obamacare” Is A “Malignant Tumor”

Congressman Steve King appeared on Fox News today and was adamant that he wants President Obama’s entire healthcare reform bill repealed. When host Bill Hemmer suggested Democrats were demonstrating a willingness to compromise and adjust certain provisions, King quickly dismissed the idea, emphatically declaring repeal is the only option he would accept.

King said the vote in November was evidence that Americans want to be rid of “Obamacare,” therefore, “it’s all got to go – pull it all out by the roots, otherwise it will grow back on us. It’s a malignant tumor that threatens to metastasize on us.” Hemmer pressed about any opportunity for compromise, and King predicted that around fifteen Democrats would join in the repeal efforts. Hemmer seemed unimpressed by that number and King continued by predicting, despite conventional wisdom, that the Senate will also vote to repeal “Obamacare.”

From there King previewed what to expect over the next two years even if Obama vetoes the repeal:

“The House can shut off funding so that Obamacare is not implemented or enforced all the way through 2011 and 2012. And January 20 of 2013 we’ll have, I believe, a new President who runs on the agenda of signing the repeal.”

If however Obama is elected to a second term, bursting King’s optimistic bubble, then might he regret advocating a “no compromise” strategy now?

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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