Report: CNN May Replace Kathleen Parker On Parker Spitzer

According to a report posted tonight on the website of The Wall Street Journal, CNN is considering replacing Kathleen Parker, co-host of the ratings-challenged Parker Spitzer. The WSJ story quotes unnamed sources who say a new co-host could be named to join Eliot Spitzer as part of a major overhaul of the show, which has floundered in the ratings since its debut three months ago.

CNN’s primetime programs performed poorly in 2010, which marked the network’s worst ratings performance in fourteen years.

Whether a re-boot of Parker Spitzer–and a resulting name change, one imagines–would solve any of the network’s problems remains unclear. CNN told the WSJ‘s Sam Schechner “we aren’t going to engage in speculation…the show continues to improve and we think it is a good addition to our lineup.”

The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp., parent company to Fox News Channel.

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