Report: Spitzer Telling Friends Co-Host Parker “Will Be Gone Within A Week”

CNN’s Eliot Spitzer, who’s recently gotten good reviews for his performance as co-host of Parker Spitzer, may be envisioning a one-man show. According to a report in the New York Post, Spitzer “is telling friends” Parker “will be gone within a week.” The Post cites an unnamed source who says “Spitzer thinks (Parker) is holding him back,” an observation that others have made, most recently in a column in Broadcasting and Cable.

The Post’s source describes the scene at Parker Spitzer as a power play, with Spitzer on the rise:

The ratings surged when she was out sick, and he anchored alone during the turmoil in Egypt. Only very few anchors have the power to wipe out a co-host, and Spitzer thinks he has it. CNN bosses are high on Spitzer, and he might get his own show. Kathleen has been weighing her options. There’s this sense of dread among middle management.”

The ratings rise with Spitzer anchoring solo has not gone unnoticed, and the on-air chemistry between the co-hosts has never been comfortable. But is a change in the works? A CNN rep declined comment to the Post on the story.

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