Report: Local CBS Reporter Hospitalized After Alleged On-Air Stroke? (UPDATE)

At first glance, the video is funny, just another in the long line of on-air bloopers from news reporters. However, it now appears that KCBS in Los Angeles’ Serene Branson may have suffered something far more serious than a live TV mistake. Shortly after the bizarre moment in the night’s broadcast where she seemed to be unable to speak coherently, Branson was hospitalized with some speculating that she may have had a stroke.

In the video, Branson is attempting to cover the Grammys when her words just turn to gibberish and she tries and fails to correct herself. After the broadcast, the Emmy-nominated reporter was taken to a local hospital. However, this didn’t stop the video from quickly going viral and being passed around on Tumblr and YouTube.

Here’s the video of the odd moment. Hopefully Branson will make a full recovery and it ends up being nothing serious.

UPDATE: Fortunately, it appears that the hospitalization report may have been false. From the Daily News:

“Despite a report from London’s Daily Telegraph that she was hospitalized, Branson may have merely been checked by EMT personnel and sent home with a friend, according to Kristin Cruz, co-host of the Mark & Kristin Show on KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles.

CBS 2 News in LA has yet to comment on the incident.”

Here’s hoping we will continue to hear more good news in this story.

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