REPORT: Sources Tell Morning Joe Trump Was ‘Furious’ With Conway For Romney Comments

conway2After Donald Trump campaign manager and future White House official Kellyanne Conway seemingly went off the reservation and began criticizing her boss’ decision to meet with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, sources tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Trump was livid about the move.

“Two sources at the top of the Trump transition team confirm for MSNBC that they spoke to the president-elect today and that Donald Trump was ‘furious’ at Kellyanne Conway’s comments on Sunday suggesting Trump betrayed his supporters by even considering Mitt Romney for a position in his cabinet,” read off host Mika Brzezinski Monday.

“’Kellyanne went rogue at Donald Trump’s expense at the worst possible time,’ a source familiar with Trump’s thinking said. Trump’s top aide said they were ‘baffled’ by Conway’s comments and suggested that it feeds into a growing concern inside the campaign that ‘instead of driving Donald Trump’s message she’s pushing her own agenda,’” she continued,

“One top transition aide said ‘It’s dangerous,” Bzrzezinski concluded. “Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus have reportedly been growing frustrated by Kellyanne Conway’s failure to become a team player in a transition process where the top players are forming a tight knit group around the president-elect.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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