Reporter Hilariously Shames Seemingly Drunk Videobomber: ‘How Long Have You Had An STD?’

Reporter Shames Drunk Videobomber: ‘How Long Have You Had An STD?’

Reporters often have to deal with annoying people looking for their 15 minutes of fame as soon as they spot a camera, but one reporter managed to shame and humiliate her own videobomber. Orlando reporter Jessica Sanchez was live on Bourbon Street in New Orleans reporting on preparations for Sunday’s Super Bowl. One possibly inebriated local resident appeared on camera and tried to disrupt the report, but Sanchez immediately launched into what can only be described as “troll mode,” pretending she was in the middle of doing a report on STDs and embarrassing her videobomber into walking away.

The woman showed her support for the 49ers before Sanchez asked her if she wanted to do an interview. The woman agreed, but would soon regret it once Sanchez was done with her question.

“We were just talking about, here on Bourbon Street, the STD rate that’s going on here. So how long have you had an STD?”

When the woman denied having an STD, Sanchez shot back with fake sympathy, “Then why did you want to talk?” The woman quickly makes her way off-camera, right after one more quick shout for the 49ers.

Watch the video below:


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