“Reports” Suggest Bill Richardson To Take Over For Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton

Despite White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs hinting there would not be a major shakeup to the President’s cabinet next year, it’s still fun to speculate about potential big name changes. And given that Governor Bill Richardson‘s term as Governor ends in just a few days, he will be completely available to serve at the pleasure of the President if asked, but in what capacity?

Some unsourced reports suggest that Richardson, a former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. who also just returned from North Korea in an “unofficial” capacity to ease tensions, may be in line to replace Hillary Clinton in the State Department. The local Fox news affiliate in Washington D.C. summed it up, by saying “there are several reports out there suggesting that Hillary Clinton may want to step down from her job as Secretary of State to spend more time with her family.”

Whether one believes Hillary wants to spend more time with Bill is dubious, but if there is any truth at all to these reports, then what is much more likely is that Hillary needs time to plan her next political move.

(h/t Breitbart)

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