Republican Congressman Connie Mack Calls AZ Immigration Law Un-American, Appalling

The Arizona immigration bill has notably garnered criticism from both sides of the aisle since its passing, and while many Republicans– including fellow border state governor Rick Perry— have expressed concerns about the potential for racial profiling, Florida Congressman Connie Mack has called the law “appalling” and compared it to Nazi Germany. He called into Your World with Neil Cavuto on Friday afternoon and explained.

While he did not repeat his comparison to Nazi Germany on the show, he did assert his belief that the law “is reminiscent of a time when people are stopped on the street and asked for papers… that is not America.” Asked by Neil Cavuto whether he blamed the Arizona government for the problem, he directed his concern to the federal government, claiming that problem stems from the fact that “Washington has failed in its responsibility to secure the border.”

He also appealed to the current Republican political climate, and, referencing the health care debate, concluded, “I’ve been a consistent defender of freedom. And, when it’s convenient, its easy to do. When it’s not convenient, it’s not as easy to do.” He also called for those in the public talking about the importance of the “ideals of America.”

Watch the interview, via phone, below:

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