Republican Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election

All Networks And Cable Channels have called the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election for Republican Gov. Scott Walker who has defeated the effort to oust him from office.

This recall election has been characterized by massive spending; much of it from out-of-state sources and major political groups like unions, corporations and political action committees and most of it favoring Republicans.

More than $63.5 million was spent on the gubernatorial recall election with Walker outspending Barrett by a 7-to-1 margin.

Turnout among Wisconsin voters was unexpectedly high – the Wisconsin Board of Elections estimates up to 2.8 million voters, or 65 percent of the state’s electorate, turned out to cast their votes in this special election. That is slightly lower than the 2008 presidential election, but higher than the 49 percent that turned out in 2010.

In 2010, Walker defeated Barrett with 52 to 46 percent of the vote. Walker outperformed his 2010 election totals in many parts of the state, despite much higher turnout than the 2010 midterm elections.

UPDATE: Fox News projects that Lieutenant Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch will win her recall election as well.

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