Republican Senator Tells CNN That Trump GOP Nomination is Still ‘Reasonably Uncertain’

1thumbMany weeks after real estate mogul Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, some elected Republicans are still having trouble facing that fact. Among them is Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who is locked in a tough reelection campaign against Russ Feingold, and who appeared on Sunday’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union. Johnson refused to weigh in on new efforts to deny Trump the nomination at the Republican National Convention, but when Dana Bash asked him if he will endorse Trump, Johnson let the mask slip a little:

Johnson: It’s been my intention to endorse the nominee. Nobody can predict the outcome of this thing. I think things remain reasonably uncertain.

Bash: Are you endorsing Mr. Trump right now?

Johnson: I intend to support the Republican nominee and certainly support the areas of agreement, growing our economy, defeating ISIS, strengthening our border. No two people agree on everything. I’ll support the areas of agreement.

Unfortunately, Bash seems to have been too intent on asking her next question, and appears to have missed Johnson’s assertion. There has been talk recently of adding a “conscience clause” ti the RNC rules that would allow even bound delegates to vote for a nominee other that Donald Trump.

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