‘Republican Voters Are the Ones Rejecting You!’: Chuck Todd Gets Heated with Cruz Over Trump

chuck todd cruzChuck Todd got rather heated with Ted Cruz on Meet the Press this morning after he 1) repeatedly refused to commit to support Donald Trump if he’s the GOP nominee, and 2) lashed out at the media for covering him too much.

Todd confronted him over and over and over about whether he would commit to backing Trump as the nominee. Cruz deferred over and over, remarking, “I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump.”

“It’s not about the media,” Todd shot back, “it’s about the numbers! He may win. Republican voters are the ones rejecting you. This is not a media conspiracy, senator!”

Cruz continued to attack the media by accusing NBC’s own networks execs of being partisan Democrats. Todd said, “You don’t get to say that, it’s just not true.”

He kept trying to get Cruz to give a straight answer on supporting Trump before just giving up and saying, “Let the record show you have not taken a position on whether you can support Trump if he’s the nominee.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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