Republicans on CNN Panel Decry Lack of ‘Civility’ in Reactions to Pence at Hamilton

cnnThe two Republicans on the CNN State of the Union panel next morning both invoked the same word––”civility”––in response to Mike Pence‘s reception at a showing of Hamilton on Friday.

Pence received a mixed reception in the Broadway theater, including some very audible boos. The cast itself discouraged booing during the curtain call but did tell Pence in a statement they hope the Trump administration stands up for all Americans.

Republican Congresswoman Diane Black said, “Let’s have some civility here in this country.” she said that the VP-elect should be able to enjoy a night of “relaxation” without getting a negative reaction.

Democrat Adam Schiff agreed with his colleague that the booing was rude, but he defended the cast’s message to Pence as “perfectly appropriate.”

Former congressman Mike Rogers said that while the booing was bad, he was bothered by the cast making a statement because they “knew what the environment was in the hall” and “doubled down.”

Bakari Sellers, meanwhile, couldn’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this. He pointed to how President Obama was heckled during a State of the Union by a member of Congress.

Watch above, via CNN.

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