Rescue Of Luis Urzua, The Final Chilean Miner, Ends 69-Day Ordeal

Chilean minersThis evening, the world breathed a sigh of relief when the dramatic rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners—which began last night—drew to a close.

54-year-old Luis Urzua was the last miner to emerge from the ground. Urzua, who was serving as the San Jose mine’s shift supervisor, volunteered to stay in the mine until his 32 comrades had all been rescued. As CNN reports, his leadership and instructions to his men—”among them, to ration the little food and liquid that they had in a small refuge”—are credited with keeping everyone in the group alive for 17 days, before rescuers could locate them.

“What happened today was watched by 1.2 billion people,” said Ariel Ticona, the 32nd miner rescued, according to a Fox News translator. Though it’s unclear where Ticona got that undoubtedly inflated figure, he’s right to imply that the rescue has drawn an enormous amount of media coverage.

Video of the Urzua’s rescue, from Fox News, is below.

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