Retired General Accuses the Trump White House of Being ‘Complicit in the Planning’ of Capitol Attack


Retired Lt. General Russel Honore made plain that he believes former President Donald Trump and the executive branch under his leadership, are complicit in the attack on the Capitol building on January 6th.

General Honore served as the 33rd commanding general of the U.S. First Army at Fort Gillem, Georgia and appeared on Katy Tur Reports to opine on the Congressional Select Committee hearing that opened on Tuesday.

Filling in for Tur, Geoff Bennet asked his guest for his impression of the “valiant and heroic officers” who shared their harrowing accounts during riveting testimony.

“What’s coming out clear is that the executive branch was complicit, and maybe certain agency leadership members were complicit,” Honore replied. “Listening to these officers this morning and the hell they went through as we all watched on television and as the people questioning them today, who were victims of that attack, that we got two narratives in America. One of them, the followers of the former president that deny it happened this way, and then the victims, the members of the House and Senate themselves, and the brave police officers who took the brunt of the damage that day.”

“When you say the executive branch was complicit, that the Trump White House was complicit in this attack, are you able to assign names?” Bennett followed up. “I ask you that because you conducted that security assessment? Do you know who was in touch with the Department of Defense? Do you know why there was that delay in getting more law enforcement to the capitol as frantic calls were made for reinforcements?”

“No. This was not a part of my investigation,” Gen. Honore made clear. “It’s my personal opinion that the Executive Branch was complicit in the planning and that the lead response that occurred in bringing in more federal assistance through the capitol that day. That’s my own perception based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard and the fact that the former president is continuing to tell people this was not a riot, they meant no harm, it was like a picnic. He was complicit, because the last I heard from him, he told them to go to the capitol and raise hell. And many members of his party told them to go fight.”

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