Return Of The Crazy One: Jon Stewart Interviews Puppet Michael Steele

There are many interesting angles and news benefits to the latest example of RNC chairman Michael Steele “stepping in it” with his recent controversial comments that the “Afghanistan War is one of Obama’s choosing“. First and foremost, it gives the news business something to chatter about during a normally slow, post-holiday news cycle. And it’s always fun to watch one political party devour its own (though that’s typically a more Democratic tradition.) But perhaps most enjoyable in the latest Steele kerfuffle? It brings back the return of the puppet version of the GOP leader for an “interview” with Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

We first met “Puppet Michael Steele” during an appearance on TDS when news broke that his party had spent around $2000 of RNC funds at a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub. Now, just a couple of months later, Steele finds himself under attack from Republican allies calling for his resignation. (And for those at home wondering about the headline, yes, that is a reference to an early nineties Digital Underground song.)

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