Rice Hits Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘The United States Can’t Lead From Behind’

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday where she talked about her views on the today’s foreign policy crises, the Obama administration’s stewardship of America interests abroad and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. She said that America has a responsibility to do more in the world and cannot “lead from behind,” particularly in times of turmoil like that which has followed the Arab Spring.

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Rice was asked about a speech she gave at a Utah retreat over the weekend that was attended by Mitt Romney and a number of prominent Republicans. She talked about the themes of her speech and reiterated her praise for Romney’s presidential candidacy.

When asked where she differed from the present Obama administration on foreign policy, Rice said she thought we need “a greater and more assertive America in the world.”

CBS host Charlie Rose said that critics of the President say he has doubled down on the Bush foreign policy relating to terrorism. Rice conceded that Obama has taken use of the tools that Bush left behind after his two terms in office, but there is more to foreign policy than counter-terrorism.

Rice said that there must be a view from Washington on matters of foreign policy – the world should not be led by the “lowest common denominator” view eliminating from the United Nations Security Council.

She was asked about the Syrian conflict and how best to get Russia “to the table.” Rice said that Moscow may be persuaded to help negotiate peace in Syria and that the Russians have “a 19th Century view” of foreign policy.

“They ought to be embarrassed by being a part of the support structure for a dictator who is murdering his people every day,” said Rice. She said that if they are not, that there are regional players who are already arming rebels in Syria and America should work with to achieve regime change in Damascus.

Finally, Rose asked Rice about the rumors swirling about her potential fit into a vice presidential role with Romney. Rice stated unequivocally that she didn’t run for student council and has never been fond of politics despite her love of policy. Rose pressed and asked if Rice’s answer was a “no” or a “not going to happen.” Rice replied that it was both.

Watch the segment below via CBS:

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