Richard Nixon’s Son-in-Law Defends Trump, Compares Him to Nixon (Positively)

Richard Nixon’s son-in-law Ed Cox defended President Donald Trump and compared the ongoing impeachment inquiry to the “partisan” investigation that brought down Nixon.

Cox, a coordinator for the Trump Victory Fund, called the inquiry a “disaster” for Democrats on Fox & Friends Monday morning, speaking with host Steve Doocy and arguing that Trump will fight his way through the impeachment inquiry.

He then appeared to positively cast both Trump AND Nixon as victims of a “witch hunt,” as Trump has frequently claimed about investigations into his administration.

“He will fight right through it, he is fighter,” Cox told Doocy. “He told me that, he said President Nixon should have fought all the way through it but it was a different time back then. President Nixon had both Houses against him.”

Cox then argued that the investigation into Nixon was “completely partisan” after Doocy said the investigation was bipartisan.

“It was completely partisan on Democrats back then,” Cox said. “They drove it. They drove it because they wanted to depose a powerful president who had a great re-election in ‘72. First Republican landslide since the 1920s and they wanted to get back power. That’s what they did.”

Cox argued Trump will end up surviving – unlike Nixon – because the economy is good.

“Trump has a great economy. That is why he will do very well come 2020,” he argued.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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