Rick Perry Challenges Romney: ‘Mitt, We Need For You To Release Your Income Tax’

Tonight’s South Carolina Republican debate is off and running, and the candidates came out of the gate on the attack. After Newt Gingrich used his first question to immediately tackle Mitt Romney‘s record as CEO, Rick Perry followed shortly thereafter, citing the situation in a plant that Romney had bought and demanding more transparency, particularly to see Romney’s tax records.

The Georgetown manufacturing company was on Rick Perry’s mind, as he noted that “they picked that company over and a lot of people lsot their jobs there.” This he contrasted to his record, which he cited as “one of those that has been open to the public for quite a few years,” and added, “my income tax has been out every year. Mitt, we need to see your income taxes.”

The audience received the line to raucous applause, and Perry added an explanation that expanded beyond just wanting Romney to expose himself: “We cannot fire our nominee in September– we need to know now.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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