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Rick Perry Defends Skipping Debates: We Have Great Debater In White House, Not Working Out Too Well

On Fox News Sunday today, Chris Wallace asked Republican candidate Rick Perry about his decision to possibly skip one or more of the upcoming presidential debates. Perry argued that the number of debates being held was a bit much and seemed to indicate he could afford to brush off a few.

Perry admitted that he prefers meeting and talking to people on the campaign trail to debating, because he gets to speak in more than just soundbites. To stave off any more criticism of his previous debate performances, Perry pointed out the president was a good debater, but not necessarily a decisive leader.

You want to know how somebody is gonna perform in the future? Take a look at their past.

Wallace continued to push the debate question, pointing out that the eventual Republican nominee will have to engage in three televised debates watched by a much larger audience. Perry brushed it aside and said he’s not worried about a potential showdown with the president, because he sees it as a good opportunity to provide a striking contrast of political philosophies for the American people.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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