Rick Perry: Obama Administration Looks ‘Nixonian’ By Withholding Fast & Furious Documents

During an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation earlier today, Texas governor Rick Perry weighed in on the continuing investigation into the Fast & Furious scandal, telling Bob Schieffer that the cover-up from the Obama administration seems “Nixonian” in nature, and wondered what information is in the documents so damaging to the administration that they would need to withhold them from the House Oversight Committee.

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After touching on his tough primary fight with Mitt Romney, Perry made it clear he fully supports the GOP nominee over Obama. Schieffer reminded Perry of his brief scuffle with Romney over immigration during one of their debates, specifically the moment when he rebutted Romney on helping young illegal immigrants pay for their tuition by saying “you don’t have a heart” if you oppose that. Perry quickly shifted to Obama’s recently-announced executive order on immigration, saying that he quite blatantly bypassed Congress and attempted to score political points in an election year.

In talking about immigration and securing the borders, Perry brought up the Fast & Furious scandal and couldn’t help but remark on the level of obfuscation going on in the Obama administration.

“This is almost Nixonian, if not absolutely Nixonian, in the cover-up that’s going on with this Fast & Furious, don’t you agree with that?”

To that, Schieffer asked Perry what he thought the next step should be in the investigation. Perry suggested that this case might even be worse than Watergate, because as opposed to a “second-rate burglarly,” Obama is asserting executive privilege in a case where a U.S. border patrol agent died as a result of a government operation. He wondered what could be so important that the Obama administration would need to withhold so many documents.

Watch the video below, courtesy of CBS:

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