Rick Perry On His Advisers: They May Not Be The Smartest Ones, But They Are Wise

In his interview with GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry, Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked the Texas governor for the short list of names he’d want by his side should be he elected president.

This was Perry’s reply:

Well, some of the same people I talk to today. You know, I have pretty lengthy conversations with Steve Forbes when it comes to economic issues. I mean, guys who actually been out there in the field understand the politics, understand how these things work.

You know, when you look at… You know, I’ve had some great foreign policy conversations with Liz Cheney and with John Bolton, I mean, people who actually understand, intimately, where these countries are, why they think like they think. And it’s that type of, what I consider to be, very knowledgeable men and women that you want around you. There’s not a person that’s been born yet that knows everything that’s going on, but you better have the ability to identify really good people. That’s how I’ve run Texas. For ten years. I’ve had very, very wise… They may not be the smartest ones. President Obama has got some really smart people around him; I just don’t know how wise they are.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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