Rick Perry On Romney’s 10K Bet: ‘Out-Of-Touch’ To Make A Comment Like That

On Fox News Sunday today, Rick Perry spoke of his fun moment with fellow candidate Mitt Romney last night when Romney joked to Perry that they should hold a ten thousand dollar bet to settle once and for all whether Romney is a flip-flopper on the health care individual mandate or not. Perry said he thought it was “out-of touch” for joking about betting with that much money, considering that his wealth has been a sticking point with voters all throughout the campaign.

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Perry continued to insist that Romney has, in the past, supported the individual mandate in a book he wrote years ago. Wallace asked Perry the difference between his support of a mandatory HPV vaccine and an individual health care mandate, to which Perry responded that there was an “opt-out” system embedded into his executive order and admitted the Texas legislature told him he had gone too far.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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