Rick Perry Says He’ll Finish First In Iowa: ‘We’re Here To Win The Caucus’

Rick Perry was a guest on America’s Newsroom Tuesday morning, and made it very clear that — although Martha MacCallum valiantly tried to bring up a possible third-place finish several times — he was hoping to win the Iowa Caucus.

“I feel very good about this evening,” Perry declared. “We’re here to win the caucus. That’s our goal. Trying to pick win, place, or show — that’s not in our vocabulary.”

MacCallum then hit on one of Perry’s strategies to win in Iowa — going after Rick Santorum, instead of attacking Mitt Romney.

“I’m having a little fun with Rick,” Perry said, before rattling off some of Santorum’s less-appealing moves as a Senator. “He’s the king of pork-barrel politics. I love Iowa pork, but Washington pork I don’t have much use for.”

MacCallum quickly responded by pointing out that Perry had accepted federal money as Texas Governor. “We send billions of dollars to Washington, D.C.,” Perry explained. “To not have some of it come back to my state would be irresponsible.”

Perry also clarified that he had, in fact, gone after Romney.

“I went after Mitt Romney rather stringently when we were in the debates,” he reminded everyone. “I don’t have to tell people the difference between me and Mitt Romney. They are legendary. People know that.”

Watch video of Perry’s interview below, courtesy of Fox News:

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