Rick Perry’s National Guard Hasn’t Been Paid for Patrolling Border, Resorts to Food Banks

Earlier this month, Gov. Rick Perry called upon the National Guard to stand along the Texas-Mexico border and help keep out any undocumented immigrants trying to get into the country. The National Guard is proud to serve Perry, but they’d also really like to get paid.

A food bank revealed to local TV station KGBT that they’d been inundated with food requests from Guardsmen, who were deployed on August 11 and won’t be paid until September 5. “We were contacted that 50 troops that are in the Valley don’t have any money for food and gas and they need our assistance,” the bank’s director told KGTV.

According to The Wire, it costs about $12 million per month to keep the 1,000 troops at the border “sustained,” and Perry’s refused to use Texas money to pay them, instead calling on the federal government to do so.

Naturally, other state officials disagree. “It’s embarrassing that our troops have to stand in a food pantry line,” Democratic state Rep. Rene Oliveira said. “This is the fault of the state.”

Watch below via KGBT:

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